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 Characteristics of the spot

. : Quality

Wave quality > World Classic
Frequency > Very consistent (150 day/year)
Experience Required > All surfers

. : Wave

Type > Beach break
Direction > Left and right
Power > Hollow, powerful, fast
Bottom > Sand

. : Swell and Wind

Minimum Swell Size > 0.5 m | 1ft
Maximum Swell Size > 2,5 m | 8 ft
Swell Direction > S, SE, E, NE
Wind Direction > N, NE

. : More Details

Crowd during the Week > Few people
Crowd on the Week-end > Very crowded
Hazards > not going to surf because of the girls on the shore ! !

. : Infrastructure

Accommodation > Hotel, local houses, camping and cottages
Commerce > Grocer's shop, supermarket, snack bars and restaurants
Nightlife > Center of the island, lagoa da conceição and others - Everyday!!
Health assistance > Hospitals and medical centers available on the island.

. : Comments

This the "Fashion" beach nowadays, something Joaquina use to be years ago, the waves themselves are pretty good, with the left side producing good lefts during E,SE swells. On the right side there's a spot called Canto do Gravatá which wakes up during big South Swells, big paddle, big waves. You can surf good lefts and rights all along the beach, during summer and on weekends a lot of girls.

There are places there where you can eat and have some drinks looking at the ocean. The crowds are less agressive. Opened during Mullet fishing season. Close to Praia Mole, there's another excellent spot called Gravatá. Gravata is the best option on massive south swell.

. : Webcam




. : More photos

Peak in the middle of the beach.

Barrels are always on offer.

A lot to see and do outside the water.

Mole viewed from its neighbor beach Galheta.


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