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 Characteristics of the spot

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. : Quality

Wave quality > World class
Frequency > Regular
Experience Required > All surfers

. : Wave

Type > Beach break
Direction > Left and right
Power > Powerful, fast
Bottom > Sand

. : Swell and Wind

Minimum Swell Size > 0.5m | 1ft
Maximum Swell Size > 2 m | 5 ft
Swell Direction > S
Wind Direction > NE

. : More Details

Crowd during the Week > Empty
Crowd on the Week-end > Empty
Hazards > none

. : Infrastructure

Accommodation > Local houses, camping and cottages (at locations nearby)
Commerce > Grocer's shop, supermarket, snack bars and restaurants (at locations nearby).
Nightlife > Center of the island, lagoa da conceição and others - Everyday!!
Health assistance > Hospitals and medical centers available on the island.

. : Comments

Another beach totally away from any crowd or tourists. Get the road to Ribeirão da Ilha ( turn right close to Morro das Pedras, ask locals ) and follow it to its end. From ther get the dirt road as faar as possible toward Ponta dos Naufragados, leave your car there ( better do not leave any valuables inside ) and get the trail, its a 30-40 min. Walk. It worths the walk. Beatiful place, hollow waves at the right side , holds size and produces excellent barrels. At the left side there are good lefts breaking . Works best with S swell and W, NE wind. Never S wind.

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Aerial view


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