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. : Quality

Wave quality > Regional classic, don't miss it
Frequency > Very consistent (150 day/year)
Experience Required >All surfers

. : Wave

Type > Beach-break
Direction > Right and left
Power > Porwerful & fun
Bottom > Sand

. : Swell and Wind

Minimmun Swell Size > 0.5m | 1ft
Maximmun Swell Size > 3 m | 9 ft
Swell Direction > SW, S
Wind Direction > NW

. : More Details

Crowd during the Week > Few people
Crowd on the Week-end > Crowded
Hazards > locals

. : Infrastructure

Accommodation >Hotels & Back
Commerce > shops and restaurants
Nightlife > Yeah, heaps!
Health assistance > Hospital nearby

. : Comments

It's a paradise spot. It's a small beach with a virgin forest around. There's the Prainha municipal park. The first and unique beach park in Rio. Good parking, bathrooms, stores, snack bars. You can find all you need there!!!

Very nice place to stay all day long. Pretty ladies sun bathing on the sand, nice atmosphere. When you have a big southwest swell paddle by the rocks, and you'll get to the right place easily.

3 good spots there!!! The left spot: It's a powerful left with a barrel and a long wall for manoeuvres. It breaks from 2 to 8 feet with E and SE Swell. Sometimes a short right close to the rocks breaks too !!.Right spot : It's a long and manoeuvrable right. It breaks with SE,S and SW swell. On big days you can ride a 10 feet clean and strong right. Middle : Fun surf. All size, all swell direction. Lefts and rights.






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