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. : Quality

Wave quality > World class
Frequency > Very consistent (150 day/year)
Experience Required >All surfers

. : Wave

Type > Beach-break
Direction > Right and left
Power > Short, fast & hollow
Bottom > Sand

. : Swell and Wind

Minimmun Swell Size > 0.5m | 1ft
Maximmun Swell Size > 2 m | 6 ft
Swell Direction > SE, SW, S
Wind Direction > N, W

. : More Details

Crowd during the Week > Few people
Crowd on the Week-end > Crowded
Hazards > none

. : Infrastructure

Accommodation >Hotels & Back
Commerce > shops and restaurants
Nightlife > Yeah, heaps!
Health assistance > Hospital nearby

. : Comments

Your average board is all you need at this spot, since it does not hold much size. A very shallow sandbar will make the better waves break top to bottom. On those days, better stand up FAST !!! On regular days it becomes an easy ride, with a forgiving take off, and a wall that will hold its size all the way to the inside.

This is a break different from the many others in Rio, since it has few residents around, making localism almost non-existent. Still, on a good day you might find 20 guys out, on a spread of beach of 100 yards. Respect the surfers around, and you will have no problem catching several waves.






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