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. : Quality

Wave quality > Regional classic, don't miss it
Frequency > Very consistent (150 day/year)
Experience Required > Experienced surfers

. : Wave

Type > Beach-break
Direction > Right and left
Power > Powerful, fast & hollow
Bottom > Sand

. : Swell and Wind

Minimmun Swell Size > 1m | 3ft
Maximmun Swell Size > 2 m | 6 ft
Swell Direction > E
Wind Direction > NE,E

. : More Details

Crowd during the Week > Crowded
Crowd on the Week-end > Crowded
Hazards > Rips, locals, pollution,

. : Infrastructure

Accommodation >Hotels & Back
Commerce > shops and restaurants
Nightlife > Yeah, heaps!
Health assistance > Hospital nearby

. : Comments

This is the most popular bodyboarding break in Rio. Can get epic on its day, comparable to Pipeline and Puerto Escondido. As well as the professionals who surf here are the locals from the favela, Rocinha, who rip and are very friendly if you make the effort. Watch out for sewage outfalls after heavy rain.

Excellent tube riding spot. The hollowest and most barreling wave in Rio city. Surfing this place in a sunny day is incredible, the background is surreal.






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