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Brazil’s hotel industry does not revolve around European or North American visitors, as the vast majority of guests come either from Brazil itself or from the other South American countries. Hotels operate on their local reputation, and because of this you tend to get what you pay for: prices are a fairly accurate guide to the degree of comfort that can be expected. Price also reflects the location of a hotel: for the amount you pay on the oceanfront, you can often find a better place two blocks back from the beach.

Another excellent option throughout Brazil are the pousadas. These are normally small, privately run hotels that offer a varying degree of comfort that will be reflected in the price. Pousadas are the accommodation backbone of most of the coastal towns.

Brazil’s tourism infra-structure are available for all kinds of budgets, so whether you are planning to stay in a top class resort full of privileges or in a apartment cooking by yourself, we have these places for you and we’ll try to find the option that fits your pocket the best.

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