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Laguna is a historical town that have not changed much in years. You can find many surf locations in the area, or you can take the ferry across to Farol de Santa Marta.

Marisol (Itapiruba Norte)

    When the other waves are closing out due a really big south swell this spot can be your only chance to get wet. There is a point break on the outside, but you need a hard paddle to get there, or a jetski. Infinite peaks can be found on regular days. Long and barrelled rights and lefts.


      Line up easily accessed by a channel beside the rocks. Multiple peaks offer high quality left and right handers with long wall and hollow sections.

      Praia do Sol

        Holds big south swell. When it’s really big it can be the your best choice. Lots of barrels.


          Multiple peaks offer long right and left handers, excellent for cut backs. Another desert beach.

          Ponta do Gi

            If you want to surf alone, this is the place to be, but remember that other spots nearby may be going epic. Better in the morning, without winds.

            Molhes de Laguna

              A long workable right beside the break wall and several peaks with rights and lefts in the middle of the beach.