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Imbituba is a Port city with many beaches to choose from. If you are a sailor you’ll find one of the easiest ports to drop your anchor and spend some time.

Praia do Luz

    Great place to run away from the crowd. Offers both right and left hander with long walls for many maneuvers. Occasional barrels depending on the tide flow.

    Praia de ibiraquera


      Don’t miss the chance to surf this place. It’s known as one of the longest left hander of Brazil. Although the left hander is the wave, you can surf right hander that works in multiple peaks in the middle of the beach.

      Praia da Ribanceira

      Praia da Ribanceira

        Works better with a big south swell, produce long lefts and rights but the left tends to be more powerful.

        Praia D’agua

          Excellent waves, long rights and hollow lefts distributed in 3 peaks. Picks up any swell, always has a wave. It’s a beautiful desert beach.


            There are 3 different peaks on this beach. The first, near the breakwalls, works better with a big swell and south winds, this peak produces a fast and hollow left hander. The second, between the breakwalls and the shipwreck, offers rights and lefts on medium swells and south winds. The last peak, further north, works on medium to small days and can is protected from NE winds, which are very common on summertime.

            Praia da Vila

              Vila is one of the best waves in Brazil, it’s a strong right hander that offers long walls after take off and ends with a sick and long barrel. Although the right hander is “The wave”, you can surf the left hander as well, the left is usually longer than the right and offers infinite opportunities for manoeuvres. On the small days the left hander works better. Get there early, before the crowds.

              Vila Nova

                A long beach break with infinite peaks to choose. It’s a good option to run away from the crowd. This place offers rights and left that rolls right after take off. Worth an early check, before the wind blows.