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    When the swell is good it’s by far the best spot in rio: powerful waves long walls and barrels. However the crowd is nervous but you can escape from it some days (try very early or just before sun going down).

    Barra da Tijuca

      In a hot weekend the beach is crowded with beautiful people, after the surf and when its flat the night is very good, you can’t get bored there.


        It’s a paradise spot. It’s a small beach with a virgin forest around. It is the first and unique beach park in Rio. Good parking, bathrooms, stores, snack bars.


          Grumari is the best surf beach in rio for surfers who hate crowds.. really cool place at the end of the beach you can easy paddle out.


            Mocambique is the longest beach of Florianopolis and one of the best barrels machine in Brazil.

            Praia Mole

              This the “Fashion” beach nowadays, the waves themselves are pretty good, with the left side producing good lefts during E,SE swells.


                Probably the best and most consistent wave in the Island. It is the capital of surfing in Southern Brazil, handles almost any swell, but the best conditions are E swell with NE wind or W wind.


                  The Praia do Campeche itself it is located in front of the Campeche Island, the road leaves you directly there. When it is breaking that’s the place to be.

                  Lagoinha do Leste

                    Some people claim it as the most consistent spot in Florianópolis, but only a few can check it out everyday. The place is all preserved, pretty landscape, hard trail though.

                    guarda do embau

                    Guarda do Embau

                      Discovered by surfers in early 70’s this place is amazing! Night life, girls, easy going people and excellent surf conditions make Guarda one of the most popular surfing spots in Brazil.


                        Silveira can hold big south swells and offers epic days with long right handers on the point. The take off is tough and near the rocks, but once you’ve made it, just enjoy the track.

                        Praia da Ferrugem


                          Ferrugem is well known as one of the most consistent waves of Brazil, always has a surfable wave. You can choose from the left corner (the best peak), the middle beach or the south corner (with south wind).

                          Praia do Rosa

                            Excellent long waves in crystal water and plenty of beautiful people on the sand, especially girls! It’s a great place to spend the whole day. Get there early if you plan to surf without many people.

                            Praia de ibiraquera


                              Don’t miss the chance to surf this place. It’s known as one of the longest left hander of Brazil. Although the left hander is the wave, you can surf right hander that works in multiple peaks in the middle of the beach.

                              Praia da Vila

                                Vila is one of the best waves in Brazil, it’s a strong right hander that offers long walls after take off and ends with a sick and long barrel. Although the right hander is “The wave”, you can surf the left hander as well, the left is usually longer than the right and offers infinite opportunities for manoeuvres. On the small days the left hander works better. Get there early, before the crowds.


                                  On east swells, long right-handers can be found on the point break, the beach break also offers high quality lefts and some rights.


                                    One of best waves in Brazil, can hold big swell size. Long walls alternating with hollow sections.


                                      Works in good conditions very occasionally on big swells. It is a good place for beginners as the waves tend to be small most days. If you are a learner you should check this place.


                                        It’s a very powerful wave when the big swell comes, with a lot of local bodyboarders. A hard drop and search for the tube, because it’s the only way out.

                                        Praia do Diabo

                                          There is a lot of bodyboards in Diabo, it is a quick wave, there are a lots of barrels. To the left side of Diabo there is the “Inferno” that many times is better than Diabo, but in Inferno is a militar area so you can’t sit on the sand.


                                            Really friendly in the middle of the beach. Mostly a tourist zone. The thing about ipanema is that the waves change a lot…one day you´ll get the best barrels of your life…the other you´ll regret waking up early.

                                            Pontao do Leblon

                                              Pontao is a dangerous wave, with lots of power. There is a killer shore-break. It’s a really good spot for big waves, and it has some really fun waves when its small.

                                              Sao Conrado

                                                Excellent tube riding spot. The hollowest and most barreling wave in Rio city. Surfing this place in a sunny day is incredible, the background is surreal.


                                                  Joatinga is a spot that even no waves(flat), there will be some waves, always!! On week-ends you can see the beautiful brazilian womens.

                                                  Quebra Mar

                                                    Great option for hang out and get a few waves. But there’s lots of locals. Go early! When it is on is one of the best breaks in Rio!