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Bathed by forty two beaches, Florianรณpolis is a wonderful sight for surfers. Situated on the Island of Santa Catarina, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina has a landscape sprinkled with lakes, sand dunes and small islands all along the coast.

Ponta das Canas

    Ponta das Canas is a legendary wave that wakes up few times a year. When a really big east swell hits the island with light south winds there is a possibility for it to break a right-hander great for multiple maneuvers.

    Praia Brava

      Best conditions with East swell and South wind. Good spot for medium waves, tends to lose quality when bigger than 5 feet.

      Praia dos Ingleses

        Ingleses has several peaks along the beach, the peaks further north use to produce bigger waves.


          Located on the north of the island, Santinho is a pretty consistent spot, with good waves. E swells and NE winds are the best.

          Canto das Aranhas

            Canto das Aranhas is the end of Mocambique, It’s a great option in NE winds due to a rocky coast that protect the waves from these winds.


              Mocambique is the longest beach of Florianopolis and one of the best barrels machine in Brazil.

              Barra da Lagoa

                This place is such a paradise for beginners surfers of all ages, as surf school operates here providing a safe and fun place to get your first waves.

                Praia da Galheta

                  You can go there by an easy trail close to the rocks on the left side of Praia Mole. The beach is pretty consistent with hollow waves both lefts and rights.

                  Praia Mole

                    This the “Fashion” beach nowadays, the waves themselves are pretty good, with the left side producing good lefts during E,SE swells.


                      Probably the best and most consistent wave in the Island. It is the capital of surfing in Southern Brazil, handles almost any swell, but the best conditions are E swell with NE wind or W wind.