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    Holds big swell size, pretty long walls after the take off alternating with hollow sections. It’s a beautiful desert beach accessed by a trail through the forest.


      Good option to run away from the crowd. It’s a desert beach easily accessed by the rocks on Praia da Tereza.


        On east swells, long right-handers can be found on the point break, the beach break also offers high quality lefts and some rights.

        Ipua (Ilhota)

          With big swells, the barrel rolls straight after take off.


            A 4 WD is recommended as the sand dunes can block the road. It is a peaceful and quiet place. Always has a surfable wave. Worth a check.

            Nestor (Prainha)

              This waves can get really good in its days. A long right hander close to the lighthouse head can be found on certain days. Lots of bars and restaurants on the beach.


                One of best waves in Brazil, can hold big swell size. Long walls alternating with hollow sections.


                  The best waves work close to the rocks.