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Praia do Diabo

    There is a lot of bodyboards in Diabo, it is a quick wave, there are a lots of barrels. To the left side of Diabo there is the “Inferno” that many times is better than Diabo, but in Inferno is a militar area so you can’t sit on the sand.


      Really friendly in the middle of the beach. Mostly a tourist zone. The thing about ipanema is that the waves change a lot…one day youยดll get the best barrels of your life…the other youยดll regret waking up early.

      Sao Conrado

        Excellent tube riding spot. The hollowest and most barreling wave in Rio city. Surfing this place in a sunny day is incredible, the background is surreal.

        Reserva da Barra

          Really good spot to surf, early in the morning is the best, getting the tide filling up, barrels, so beautiful beach, lots of fun on this spot.


            Mocambique is the longest beach of Florianopolis and one of the best barrels machine in Brazil.