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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There’s so much culture, music, nature, parties and bars everywhere! But the regioes also has some of the best waves in Brazil!

Reserva da Barra

    Really good spot to surf, early in the morning is the best, getting the tide filling up, barrels, so beautiful beach, lots of fun on this spot.


      Recreio dos Bandeirantes, on regular days it becomes an easy ride, with a forgiving take off, and a wall that will hold its size all the way to the inside.


        This is a break different from the many others in Rio, since it has few residents around, making localism almost non-existent. Still, on a good day you might find 20 guys out, on a spread of beach of 100 yards.


          It’s a paradise spot. It’s a small beach with a virgin forest around. It is the first and unique beach park in Rio. Good parking, bathrooms, stores, snack bars.


            Grumari is the best surf beach in rio for surfers who hate crowds.. really cool place at the end of the beach you can easy paddle out.