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    Wave quality > Regional classic, don’t miss it
    Frequency > Regular
    Experience Required >All surfers


    Type > Beach-break
    Direction > Right and left
    Power > Porwerful & fast
    Bottom > Sand

    Swell and Wind

    Minimmun Swell Size > 0.5m | 1ft
    Maximmun Swell Size > 3 m | 9 ft
    Swell Direction > SW, S
    Wind Direction > SW

    More Details

    Crowd during the Week > Empty
    Crowd on the Week-end > Few people
    Hazards >locals


    Accommodation >Hotels & Back
    Commerce > shops and restaurants
    Nightlife >Yeah, heaps!
    Health assistance > Hospital nearby

    Editor’s Comments

    Grumari is the best surf beach in rio for surfers who hate a crowd… really cool place at the end of the beach you can easy paddle out. Grumari is also a location where many movies and TV shows are filmed. It is an exceptionally beautiful beach.