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Bathed by forty two beaches, Florianópolis is a wonderful sight for surfers. Situated on the Island of Santa Catarina, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina has a landscape sprinkled with lakes, sand dunes and small islands all along the coast.

Meio da Joaca

    Meio da Joaquina (Joaquina middle beach) handles almost any swell, but the best conditions are E swell with NE wind or W wind. The waves usually offer several sections alternating long walls with barrels.


      The Praia do Campeche itself it is located in front of the Campeche Island, the road leaves you directly there. When it is breaking that’s the place to be.

      Morro das Pedras

        Strong and tubular rights breaking best with S swell, W or light S wind. Usually is kind of mushy, but sometimes it produces great waves.


          Caldeirão has always some surfable waves, even when other places are flat, Caldeirão can surprise you with up to 1 meter (3 ft) waves. On heavy days the line up can be dificult to reach.

          Praia da Armacao

            One of the most popular beaches for surfing on the island. between august and October you can observe the migration of the whales to Patagonia .


              Place where the ancient fishermen used to kill the whales that they fished. Excellent surfing spot, you have to drive until Praia da Armação and then cross the small river walking.

              Lagoinha do Leste

                Some people claim it as the most consistent spot in Florianópolis, but only a few can check it out everyday. The place is all preserved, pretty landscape, hard trail though.


                  Take right when you reach the Pântano do Sul beach, you’ll see the place at your left. Usually uncrowded, it has its days, but usually the waves are all close outs. If you’re going on that direction, check it out.

                  Praia da Solidao

                    Alternative surfing spot, produces good waves with S swell and N,W wind. Small beach with a good right. Follow the road from Praia dos Açores and make local inquiry to get exactly direction.

                    Farol dos Naufragados

                      30-40 min walk. It is worth the walk. Beautiful place, hollow waves at the right side , holds size and produces excellent barrels.