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    Wave quality > World Classic
    Frequency > Very consistent (150 day/year)
    Experience Required > All surfers


    Type > Beach break
    Direction > Left and right
    Power > Hollow, powerful, fast, long
    Bottom > Sand

    Swell and Wind

    Minimum Swell Size > 0.5 m | 1ft
    Maximum Swell Size > 3 m | 10 ft
    Swell Direction > S, SE, E, NE
    Wind Direction > N, NE

    More Details

    Crowd during the Week > Crowded
    Crowd on the Week-end > Very crowded
    Hazards >Locals


    Accommodation > Hotel, local houses, camping and cottages
    Commerce > Grocer’s shop, supermarket, snack bars and restaurants
    Nightlife >Center of the island, lagoa da conceição and others – Everyday!!
    Health assistance > Hospitals and medical centers available on the island.

    Editor’s Comments

    Probably the best and most consistent wave in the Island. It is the capital of surfing in Southern Brazil, handles almost any swell, but the best conditions are E swell with NE wind or W wind. The famous left breaks from behind the Pedra da Careca, a small rock which stands close to the left side of the beach. On good days there’s some really long and powerful waves with several sessions. If you go further south down the beach there’s always good surfing spots with good lefts and rights.

    At these points the crowd factor and hassle are reduced. Locals surf on the left side more often. If you’re here in Florianopolis you HAVE TO surf at Joaquina.Opened during Mullet fishing season.