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Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina State has the most consistent surf conditions of Brazil. You’ll also find great places to eat, relax and to party!

Praia da Pinheira

    As big east swells are less common than others, locals are hungry for this wave when itโ€™s working on the point break.

    Prainha da Guarda

      Prainha (Little beach) is a desert beach just beside Guarda do Embaรบ, itโ€™s easily accessed by a 30 minutes hike over the left head of the beach.

      guarda do embau

      Guarda do Embau

        Discovered by surfers in early 70’s this place is amazing! Night life, girls, easy going people and excellent surf conditions make Guarda one of the most popular surfing spots in Brazil.

        Praia da Gamboa

          Gamboa is not a popular wave, but when a solid south swell turns to east, don’t spend more time, head to Gamboa and you’ll get a long and perfect right hander. This place is calm and usually there’s no big crowd.


            Great place to run away from the crowd. Offers both right and left hander with long walls for many maneuvers. Occasional barrels depending on the tide flow.


              This beach normally has no waves or small waves which make it very popular among beginner surfers and families.


                Silveira can hold big south swells and offers epic days with long right handers on the point. The take off is tough and near the rocks, but once youโ€™ve made it, just enjoy the track.

                Praia da Ferrugem


                  Ferrugem is well known as one of the most consistent waves of Brazil, always has a surfable wave. You can choose from the left corner (the best peak), the middle beach or the south corner (with south wind).


                    This beach picks up any swell, there is always some surf going there. A hollow right hander works on the right corner and a long left hander on a small river mouth leftwards.

                    Praia do Ouvidor

                      Good option for small days. It’s small bay surrounded by pines. It’s a very nice place to see, have a surf session and relax. Enjoy it!