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Guarda do Embau


    Wave quality > World class
    Frequency > Very consistent (150 day/year)
    Experience Required > All surfers


    Type > Rivermouth and beach break
    Direction > Left (rivermouth), left and right (beach)
    Power > Hollow, powerful, fast
    Bottom > Sand

    Swell and Wind

    Minimum Swell Size > 0.5m | 1ft
    Maximum Swell Size > 2,5 m | 8 ft
    Swell Direction > SE, E, NE
    Wind Direction > N, NE

    More Details

    Crowd during the Week > Few people
    Crowd on the Week-end > crowded
    Hazards >Locals


    Accommodation > Local houses, camping and cottages
    Commerce > Grocer’s shop, supermarket, snack bars and restaurants.
    Nightlife >All the time !!
    Health assistance > Medical center available and hospital – 20 km | 12 miles

    Editor’s Comments

    Discovered by surfers in early 70’s this place is simply KILLER!! Night life, girls, easy going people and excellent surf conditions make Guarda one of the most popular surfing spots in Brazil. On classic days, you’ll surf long and barreled lefts on the rivermouth and you’ll still have the beach break providing multiple peaks to dissipate the crowd. It’s up to you to choose where to surf, but wherever you take off be prepared to get barreled and have fun.

    Don’t miss it, many foreigners come to Guarda and stay long periods, just because they don’t fell like leaving!! So be prepared to stay longer there.