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    Wave quality > World class
    Frequency > Very consistent (150 day/year)
    Experience Required > All surfers


    Type > Beach-break + Point break
    Direction > Right and left
    Power > Powerful & fun
    Bottom > Sand

    Swell and Wind

    Minimmun Swell Size > 1m | 3ft
    Maximmun Swell Size > 5 m | 15 ft
    Swell Direction > E, SE, S
    Wind Direction > NE, E

    More Details

    Crowd during the Week > Crowded
    Crowd on the Week-end > Crowded
    Hazards >locals


    Accommodation >Hotels & Back
    Commerce > shops and restaurants
    Nightlife >Yeah, heaps!
    Health assistance > Hospital nearby

    Editor’s Comments

    When the swell is good it’s by far the best spot in rio: powerful waves long walls and barrels. However the crowd is nervous but you can escape from it some days (try very early or just before sun going down).

    By the way, you can surf at night there!! Yep, the place has light!!