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Praia do Rosa


    Wave quality > World class
    Frequency > Very consistent (150 day/year)
    Experience Required > All surfers


    Type > Beach break
    Direction > Right and left
    Power > Powerful, fun
    Bottom > Sand

    Swell and Wind

    Minimum Swell Size > 0.5m | 1ft
    Maximum Swell Size > 2,5 m | 8 ft
    Swell Direction > S, SE, E, NE
    Wind Direction > S, NE

    More Details

    Crowd during the Week > Few people
    Crowd on the Week-end > Ultra crowded
    Hazards >the crowd


    Accommodation > Hotels, Local houses, camping and cottages
    Commerce > Many restaurants, pizzerias, grocer’s shop, snack bars, supermarket
    Nightlife >During the winter only on the weekends, but everyday on summer.
    Health assistance > Hospital and medical centers available (15 km | 9 miles)

    Editor’s Comments

    Choose from south or north corner depending on the wind condition and you’ll get a lot of fun, not only on the water, but also on the shore. Excellent long waves in crystal water and plenty of beautiful people on the sand, especially girls! It’s a great place to spend the whole day. Get there early if you plan to surf without many people.

    Night life is very busy here, you can find many places to go depending on your taste. Don’t miss it!!! We recommend!!