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    When the swell is good it’s by far the best spot in rio: powerful waves long walls and barrels. However the crowd is nervous but you can escape from it some days (try very early or just before sun going down).


      It’s a paradise spot. It’s a small beach with a virgin forest around. It is the first and unique beach park in Rio. Good parking, bathrooms, stores, snack bars.


        Probably the best and most consistent wave in the Island. It is the capital of surfing in Southern Brazil, handles almost any swell, but the best conditions are E swell with NE wind or W wind.


          The Praia do Campeche itself it is located in front of the Campeche Island, the road leaves you directly there. When it is breaking that’s the place to be.


            Place where the ancient fishermen used to kill the whales that they fished. Excellent surfing spot, you have to drive until Praia da Armação and then cross the small river walking.