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Reserva da Barra

    Really good spot to surf, early in the morning is the best, getting the tide filling up, barrels, so beautiful beach, lots of fun on this spot.


      This is a break different from the many others in Rio, since it has few residents around, making localism almost non-existent. Still, on a good day you might find 20 guys out, on a spread of beach of 100 yards.


        Mocambique is the longest beach of Florianopolis and one of the best barrels machine in Brazil.

        Praia da Galheta

          You can go there by an easy trail close to the rocks on the left side of Praia Mole. The beach is pretty consistent with hollow waves both lefts and rights.

          Meio da Joaca

            Meio da Joaquina (Joaquina middle beach) handles almost any swell, but the best conditions are E swell with NE wind or W wind. The waves usually offer several sections alternating long walls with barrels.

            Morro das Pedras

              Strong and tubular rights breaking best with S swell, W or light S wind. Usually is kind of mushy, but sometimes it produces great waves.

              Lagoinha do Leste

                Some people claim it as the most consistent spot in Florianópolis, but only a few can check it out everyday. The place is all preserved, pretty landscape, hard trail though.