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    Place where the ancient fishermen used to kill the whales that they fished. Excellent surfing spot, you have to drive until Praia da Armação and then cross the small river walking.

    Lagoinha do Leste

      Some people claim it as the most consistent spot in Florianópolis, but only a few can check it out everyday. The place is all preserved, pretty landscape, hard trail though.


        Take right when you reach the Pântano do Sul beach, you’ll see the place at your left. Usually uncrowded, it has its days, but usually the waves are all close outs. If you’re going on that direction, check it out.

        Praia da Solidao

          Alternative surfing spot, produces good waves with S swell and N,W wind. Small beach with a good right. Follow the road from Praia dos Açores and make local inquiry to get exactly direction.

          Farol dos Naufragados

            30-40 min walk. It is worth the walk. Beautiful place, hollow waves at the right side , holds size and produces excellent barrels.

            Praia da Pinheira

              As big east swells are less common than others, locals are hungry for this wave when it’s working on the point break.

              Prainha da Guarda

                Prainha (Little beach) is a desert beach just beside Guarda do Embaú, it’s easily accessed by a 30 minutes hike over the left head of the beach.

                guarda do embau

                Guarda do Embau

                  Discovered by surfers in early 70’s this place is amazing! Night life, girls, easy going people and excellent surf conditions make Guarda one of the most popular surfing spots in Brazil.

                  Praia da Gamboa

                    Gamboa is not a popular wave, but when a solid south swell turns to east, don’t spend more time, head to Gamboa and you’ll get a long and perfect right hander. This place is calm and usually there’s no big crowd.


                      Great place to run away from the crowd. Offers both right and left hander with long walls for many maneuvers. Occasional barrels depending on the tide flow.